Outdoor Living Design Services

Designing Stunning Balcony & Terrace Gardens in Sydney

Reinvent your property and get a beautiful, evergreen outside area. The Artificial Garden is available for design work in homes and businesses across Sydney, transforming any space of any size into an inviting, gorgeous garden.

Our selection of artificial flowers and plants gives us a broad, rich palette with which to create your new outdoor space. Including everything from ferns to grass to flowers, bamboo and herbs, you’re free to create precisely the atmosphere you want. Choosing artificial plants gives you infinite freedom in your choice of elements; create a seasonal, native space or mix flowers from different climates, seasons and localities and have a one-of-a-kind garden.

Capturing the beauty of the natural world

With so many people in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney living in medium and high-density living like townhouses and flats, it can be hard to find the space and time to accommodate a living garden. Adding some colour and natural beauty to your space can help brighten your environment, making it a more welcoming place for you, your family and your guests.

Our talented designers understand the challenges involved in working in small spaces, and we specialise in bringing beauty into the most unlikely places, creating everlasting terrace and balcony gardens that will make you the envy of your neighbours. Choosing artificial means no maintenance – no watering, no fertiliser, no frost protection – so you’ve got more time to spend on the things you love. Get all the benefits of a beautiful, natural-looking garden for a fraction of the cost and effort it would normally take to maintain.

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Why not use our years of experience to help you design beautiful areas of your house / balcony or outside area with our everlasting flora? We can make any area look special. If you’re looking for small table or freestanding arrangements, or want a stunning wedding bouquet that you can keep as an eternal memento of your special day, get in touch.

Contact us for more information. Call our Northern Beaches location on 0413 030 587, or send us a message via email at sales@theartificialgarden.com.au or through our enquiry page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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